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Abingdon Studios

Amrit Randhawa
“Graphic Design” & “Art” studio
Manchester, UK

Title: The Third of Ma 1808 

The letterform Y resembles (with some imagination!) a person extending their arms upwards. The artwork is a reproduction of a painting by Francisco Goya – “The Third of May 1808”.

The protagonist, in this artwork, is removed from the scene. Following the deaths of George Floyd and Sarah Everard there has been a public shift in reexamining the powers of the police. This ongoing discourse surrounding the police’s role begs the question of possible alternatives. The letterform “Y” is the only letter that is phonetically a question.

As Lisa Simpson, once prophetically said, “Who will police the police?” (“Homer The Vigilante”, Season 5, Episode 11).

Lisa’s quote parallels the latin phrase “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”.

First written in the early 2nd century by the Roman poet Juvenal in his collection of poems entitled "Satires" (Satire VI, lines 347–348). “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” is literally translated as "Who will guard the guards themselves?", though it is also known by variant translation to "Who will watch the watchmen?".

Amrit Randhawa runs his multi-disciplinary studio, Taxi Cab Industries, out of The Engine House in Salford. His experimental practice focuses on a Derridean approach to contemporary Graphic Design and Visual Art. Primarily making printed and physical outcomes.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021