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Abingdon Studios

Camille Relet
Multi-disciplinary Artist
Swansea, UK

Title: Si seulement mes rêves étaient bleu
Medium: Photography and creative writing

The first part of Relet’ research was to write down all the words she could think of in English and in French that start with the letter R. The one that resonated the most with me was ‘rêve’ which is the French word for dream. Using the surrealist technique of “écriture automatique”, she wrote down the first sentence about my dreams that would set the tone for the project to begin: “Si seulement mes rêves étaient bleu”. Relet then started to combine text and images, writing about her dreams and how they have changed since becoming bilingual in a poetic monologue. Thinking and writing about the colour blue, made me want to bring another voice or point of view in order to create a dialogue and question personal  reasoning. She decided to bring in Yves Klein as a semi-fictional character to discuss the colour and  dreams, because with who else could you talk about blue but a man who had his own blue named after him. “It was fun to create something new for myself and experiment with new ways of writing and new ways of curating text and images through the newspaper print.”
Tuesday Oct 5 2021