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Abingdon Studios

Reece Adair
Manchester, UK

Title: Quietus
Medium: Oil Paint on board

This painting was developed by first finding a title that began with my designated letter ‘Q’. Adair discovered ‘Quietus’ which is defined as ‘death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life’. This word adhered to the existential concerns that you often find within his paintings. This title thus foregrounded the next advancement, which was to gather images and begin to collage a composition via photoshop that related to the keywords. He was vehemently attracted to a photo of Iggy Pop performing his iconic back bend which looked similar to images he has used before, which are usually deceased stretched bodies left in abrupt states rather than a performer on stage. Adair found other components which you will find on the painting that were more impulsively placed, such as the decapitated cow's head protruding from the pipe that has an engraved ‘Q’ on it. He kept to lighter themes of colour but painted a black structure to vivisect the figure in an attempt to create a pictorial tension between the body and the space it inhabits. The body is fastidiously painted to pronounce the ribs stretching as the environment is painted sparsely with a lot of loosely painted colours.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021