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Abingdon Studios

Klaire Doyle
Performance & Interdisciplinary Artist
Wigan, UK

Title: The Original Women: He Condemned Them.
Medium: Latex, Human Hair, Glass, Metal, Gold Foil, Acrylic Paint, Clay, Bone, Resin, Brass, Card and Lace.

E is for Evil Women. This is a sculpture surrounded in latex, hair and gold leaf that represents a kind of relic or shrine in honor of Lilith and Eve - The first women and wives of Adam who are both deemed creators of original sin. There is a glass spy hole in this sculpture where it is possible to see the "relics" of Lilith (made of clay) and Eve (made of rib). This relic mimics an ornament found within Catholic churches, except this one attempts to prompt conversation about the ways biblical women and feminine figures are represented/misrepresented. The sculpture itself is very monstrous looking to tribute the idea of humanness and abjection (which in itself plays on the visual representation of femininity). In shape, it could be viewed as quite phallic to hark back to Adam and the bible's patriarchal ownership of Lilith and Eve. Overall the sculpture is a curious one that (I hope) induces fun and inquisitive engagement with an audience.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021