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Abingdon Studios

May Wild Studio
Social Arts Practice
Oldham, UK

Title: C is for….. Crazy
Medium: Sculpture, Wall relief, Clay/Jesmonite

C is for….. Crazy started its making journey in the studio, a bucket of Clay scraps waiting to be recycled and reimagined as a new artwork, a Circular approach to how we develop

new ideas in our social arts practice. A look around the studio reflects the projects we are working on, a focus on themes connected to sustainability, piles of collected

everyday household waste re-purposed for participatory workshops and artworks, encouraging conversation around the damaging environmental impact of today’s throw away culture. Crisps, Cans, Coffee Cups and our daughters Capri-sun. A Crisp packet takes 80 years to decompose!

Using the recycled clay we cast reliefs of the C ‘waste’ objects, immortalised in time, fossil like, a reference to the often overlooked long term environmental damage of throw away and fast culture we are all responsible for. The artwork form is not unlike a cracked paving slab or crazy paving, this informs the colour palette and references the crazy pattern of consumer behaviour today's society has gotten itself into.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021