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Warrington Museum & Art Gallery
Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival

Rozemarijn Spilliaert
Textile Artist / Art teacher at the Academy of of fine art Bruges
Bruges, Belgium

Title: B for becoming…

My lucky dip letter arrived on the birthday of my youngest son Benjamin. B for ‘Beta’, pronounced as ‘Vita : life! ’, B for birth. B, to me, is the most existential letter of the alphabet. As a textile artist, I decided to try and make a small tapestry depicting a ‘B’ for Ride Your Pony. During the process of the weaving, the letter was becoming a B, I decided to stop at a certain moment, the tapestry is about ‘becoming’, growing. Becoming something, becoming someone, growing, the pleasure of the process in expectation of the artwork, the excitement of the anticipation of the finished work, the longing to see the final work, the ‘infinito’, the power of the unfinished. 

‘To become’ rather than ‘to be’ is much more powerful because it leaves open all possibilities. As an art teacher at the Bruges’ Academy of Fine Arts, I thought it would be a good idea to have my students participate in Ride Your Pony. Their first exhibition ever, and it is an international one! So, I made my students think about the letter, these young adolescents who are in the process of becoming..., these young creative explorers. This was their first encounter with the tapestry technique and it was rather challenging for them because of the tight deadline (they only had 3 lessons to work out their design). Below, you can read their statements.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021